Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick Q & A- The Glutes

The glutes are a muscle group consisting of the glute max, med and min. Glutes produce hip extension and external rotation and are considered made up of mostly fast twitch fibers that are very tough to totally fatigue.The glutes are one of the strongest and biggest muscles in the body so they should take priority in your training program. From a vanity standpoint who doesn't want amazing glutes...especially women!

Q- If you neglect training glutes what problems might you have?

A-Most of the population neglects the glutes and that is why people have knee pain, low back pain and are losing their backsides. When you cant fire and use your glutes your low back compensates and therefore has a higher chance to get injured. Knee pain can happen when the glute medius isnt strong enough to keep the knee from caving in during squats.

Q-Why is the glute thruster exercise so important?

A- Not only is it a safe exercise but nothing comes close to it to maximize activation and hypertrophy. Want a butt? Do them!

Q-Why has society lost the ability to "use" our glutes?

A- We simply sit too much. When you spend long periods of time sitting your hips become short and tight and your glutes become long and weak. Soon your body turns them off and then the problem begins.

Q-What are some other exercises that will help the glutes?

A- Lateral band walks help the glute medius
     Kettlebell swings
     Deadlifts with a slight bend in the leg
     Deficit reverse lunges off a step or box
     Box squats

Q- How often should I train the glutes?

A- You can do glute activation exercises everyday in small amounts but in terms of the big exercises keep those to 2-3x a week. Glute activation exercises would be like a set of 12-15 reps of bridges.

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  1. how about squats? do they come close to this exercise hank?