Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 Guidlines to lose fat & 10 Guidlines to gain muscle


1. Use multi-joint exercises- Such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, presses, rows and Olympic lifts.

2. Use short rest periods- 0-60 seconds depending on your fitness level. By keeping rest low you will trigger a higher growth hormone response which will help you get lean.

3. Be intense- You must have  intensity in your workouts to maximize fat loss

4. Prioritize the anaerobic training system- Weights and sprints.

5. Use a hypertrophy style protocol most of the time - 8-12 reps, moderate loads and 3 or more. But also vary the rep ranges every so often.

6. Use time under tension-Adding a slow count while performing the lift will burn more calories and increase EPOC which will aid in fat loss.

7. Do sprint intervals over steady state cardio

8. Rest- Give your body time to recover and allow it to adapt and lose fat.

9. Make sure eating right is THE primary focus- Focus on veggies, proteins, water and fiber. Keep sugars and alcohol low.

10. Control stress


1. Eat! and eat often

2. Take a nap-Taking a power nap will help you grow

3. 50% more- Once every five days eat 50% more than you normally would. Eat these calories on a off day and spread them out throughout multiple meals

4. Post workout importance- Provide your body with both protein and carbs

5. Lift with both heavy and moderate loads

6. Limit alcohol- lowers testosterone

7. Vary tempo of your lifts-use slow counts

8. Make multi-joint exercise the staple-You can do your curls, extensions and things like that but the basics like squats, deadlifts, rows and presses will bring the greatest gains.

9.Get a good nights sleep

10. Control stress

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