Monday, April 29, 2013

15 Things about Women and Training

After years of training numerous women and surveying even more on weight lifting I have come to the notice some trends. Here are the observations and conclusions I have come to.

1. Women have a harder time doing pushups then men. Most common mistakes are the elbows being too wide and the hands too far in front of the shoulders. Lack of strength in the triceps and shoulders also plays a role.

2. Even if at first hesitant about weight training, once women see the results they can achieve with weights they become believers very quickly.

3.Women tend to be better at single leg deadlifts since they have better hip mobility.

4. Women tend to worry about everyone else but themselves hence why sometimes they let their own health and fitness needs go downhill.

5. Women get bored easily and prefer variety in their workouts more so than most men.

6. Majority of women like to workout in groups.

7. Cardio tends to make up a higher percentage of their training than weights

8. Women have better mobility and flexibility than men. Therefor they don't need as long of a warmup.

9. Women actually love feeling like they are getting stronger

10. Women tend to think everything that is an upper body exercise works the arms and generally when asked where they feel the exercise will say n their arms.

11. To no surprise women women love terms like toned, lean, long, tight and firm.

12. Women lack in grip strength but over time will develop it.

13. High heels wreak women's bodies

14. Women are more quad dominant and can use extra work on the posterior chain developing the hamstrings and glutes.

15. I have noticed women care more about proper form than men.

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