Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday's giant set for fat loss

* Try your best to set up everything in one area so you can flow from exercise to exercise

A1) Pullups-10 reps
A2) Reverse lunge unilaterally loaded-hold a dumbbell in your right arm and do 8 reps with your right leg. Switch and hold the weight in the opposite arm and do that leg for another 8. The offset load will hit your core big time! Keep yourself tall and drive through the front heel as you stand up from the lunge.

A3) Lateral Pushups-do one pushup and then move laterally by placing your right arm and right out to the side, then move your left arm and left leg until you are back into pushup position. Do another rep and keeping doing this for 5-10 pushups depending on your strength. Now move back towards your left and do another 5-10.

A4 ) Sumo squat-either use a kettlebell or dumbbell. Legs wide, toes pointed slightly out and letting the weight come to a complete stop on the floor between reps.

A5) Cable one arm row- keep your palm down during the row- 12 each arm

A6) Speed skaters- once you touch the ground push away hard and try to get wide as you move side to side. Hold a pair of light dumbbells if you need to make the move more difficult. 12 reps each side

A7) Shuffle and chop with band-attach a band just below shoulder height. Hold the band into the center of your chest as you take 2 steps out laterally. Finish with a chop move across the body and then pulling the band back into your chest as you shuffle back in. Do 8 per side

A8) Burpees-10

Rest 3-5  minutes depending on your level. Do 4 total rounds.

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