Sunday, April 14, 2013

7 Random tips for Monday

1. Proven strategies to boost fat burning with pre-workout nutrition include-

A) Eat low glycemic carbs like beans, green veggies and whole grains together with protein
about an hour before you workout.

B) Avoid frutose-Frutose can be found in fruits and most processed foods in the form of high frutose corn syrup. Frutose blunts fat burning and makes your cells more resistant to insulin increasing your risk for diabetes.

C) Drink green tea ( with caffeine )-not only for the antioxidant properties but it can boost fat burning up to 15 percent.

2. If you are bored with your current routine try this set-up for improving body composition.

**3-4 Rounds. Rest anywhere from 0-90sec.

Do 3-4 total of these tri-sets in one workout

3. Get rid of the french fries and pop in your diet and watch how much you will change- regular pop is bad as is diet pop. The only ingredient worth anything to your body in pop is water. In terms of the french fries, most of the time they are using a potato like product and then they load it with additives to make them more addictive.

4. Stop any chest/shoulder work for 3 weeks- Most of us could use a break from doing all of that pushing and focus on pulling. Focusing on your back will help balance your body and most likely help with any shoulder issues you might have.

5. Take action- Anyone can say they want to make a change but not everyone can actually do it. Be the exception and take massive action on reaching your goals! Excuses don't make champions!

6.  Work your weakness early in your routine- Find what you need to improve on and do it before you are fatigued at the end of the workout. By prioritizing it you will get better!

7.  Try using different grips when you do rows- Palms neutral ( facing your body ), facing forward and palms facing behind you all will have a different effect on your muscles.

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