Monday, April 22, 2013

My favorite 3 exercises for each muscle group


A) Bulgarian split squats- Saves the back and hits the legs hard. If you are an athlete most sports are played moving off one leg so this will benefit you. Use dumbbells, kettlebells, or just bodyweight.

B) Trap bar deadlift- Easier to execute proper form compared to the traditional version and easy on the back. If you have problem learning the deadlift form switch to the trap bar to make the learning curve smaller.

C) Deficit reverse lunges


A. Preacher curls-Nothing like this exercise for the biceps! Vary your grip every couple of weeks.

B. Close grip press-Allows you to use the greatest load to hit the triceps hard. I like to use both dumbbells and the barbell.

C. Dips-Simple bodyweight exercise but hard to beat!


A. One arm row with dumbbell-classic exercise for the lats

B. X row-One of my more recent favorites
C. Pullup-Any variation works well


A. Dumbbell chest press- dumbbells allow for a greater range of motion and stretch on the pecs.

B. Pushups with a hold-I like doing pushups while holding for 2-3 seconds at the top or bottom of each rep. Add this into a super-set or tri-set.

C. Incline barbell chest press-Fills out the whole pec


A. Reverse fly- Hit the rear delts which are generally underdeveloped. 

B. One arm dumbbell neutral press-Easy on the shoulder joint

C. One arm barbell landmine press-Love this take a on shoulder press

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