Monday, February 8, 2010

Old school style-20 rep squat and milk program

Chances are some of you might have heard stories about this legendary routine. It is a very old training technique used to help pack on some muscle to not only your legs but to your whole body. Before you attempt this program make sure you have mastered proper squat technique and of course make sure you are injury free in the lower body. This routine takes just as much mental toughness and mental focus as it will physical toughness. Pain and fear will come across your mind as you move forward with this program but it will be up to you to push through it and be a man about it. Squatting 20 reps with heavy weight will hurt and will most likely make you want to vomit. If you are ready for the challenge then read on.

The most important thing to know is that you should not attempt this without a power rack or safety pins. Like most anything that is really intense I would highly recommend a training partner or spotter. If you don't have one then use the safety pins! If you get to that last rep you want to know that you wont die finishing it.

The whole program is based on one set of 20 reps with the basic full barbell squat. Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule works the best. The length of the cycle for this program should be six weeks max. Generally anything after six weeks will burn you out and will yield diminished returns. To find your starting weight simply take your 5 rep max on the squat and subtract 90 lbs and this will be your day one squat weight. From each day forward you will add 5lbs, this is the factor that causes the gains in size! For each rep take a big mouthful of air, hold your breathe squat down and then exhale on the way up. As you get higher in reps you might need to start taking more big breathes between reps. Breathing is huge here, make sure you do it! You might find yourself taking 2-5 breathes between reps. Once you are done with the 20 reps go grab a light barbell and do pull overs while lying on a bench. Take a big breath between reps and feel the stretch in your rib cage. Do 20 reps with somewhere around 20-25lbs. Every workout keep the weight on the pullovers the same since this exercise is just for stretching the rib cage.

If you take on this program you must eat! You need to be consuming calories if you want to get big. Add to your plate and add to the bar. This program got the name squats and milk because drinking a good amount of milk was recommended. Drink up!

Go dominate!

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