Friday, February 5, 2010

Time under tension training ( TUT )

Most lifters use low reps, high reps, or even train to failure. Some use free weights while others use machines. All of these methods are perfectly fine but there is another method that many are not using....TUT training. TUT is the total amount of time your muscles are under tension during any movement. For example, while doing a bicep curl, the moment you start the curl until you end the curl is the time the muscle was under tension. By doing this type of method you will increase growth hormone levels and fatigue more motor units. which equals more muscle growth!

Next time you go to the gym try this method with any muscle group and any exercise. Lets take the bicep curl again for instance. Try to curl the weight up for 4 seconds, then pause at the top for 2 seconds and then let the weight down for 4 seconds. This would create 10 seconds of tension time on the muscle. Remember that the whole point is to keep the tension on that muscle which means do not lockout any of your movements. You can play around with the time you want to use but generally I would not exceed 10 seconds on the way up, down or on the pause. Another important note is that you should be keeping your reps down when using this technique, I would stick to under 8 reps. You might also notice you will need to drop the weight from set to set.

Go dominate!

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