Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shoulder super set

As you notice I don't tend to post many direct shoulder workouts since I believe you get plenty of work when doing chest. I do like this routine as it allows you to hit your rear delt and front delt. The first exercise is a kneeling military press with dumbbells. Make sure to keep your back straight and stand tall to involve some core. If you notice yourself swaying back you might need to drop the weight. If you have back issues then just do this seated instead. The second exercise is the reverse fly with dumbbells. The best way I believe is to bend over with your head resting on a incline bench and your back kept flat. From this position raise your arms straight out to the sides without bending them, pause and let them back down. The key is to envision some pulling your elbows up to the ceiling with strings.

Kneeling dumbbell military press-10 reps
Reverse dumbbell fly-12 reps

Repeat back and forth without rest for 2-3 more rounds.

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