Monday, August 9, 2010

Brutal chest routine

This is pretty intense and should be done with a spotter or training partner. All three exercises will challenge the chest in a different way and promote new growth! This routine takes you from the hardest most demanding exercise at the beginning to the least demanding ( yet still hard ) exercise at the end.

A) Slows- Flat dumbbell chest press- 8 reps with a 8 second count on the way up and down

Do 3 sets with a 90 second to 2 minute rest in between sets. You might need to drop the weight on each set.

** This is really hard and if you are not used to it this will be a major shock and you might find it hard on your wrists and grip. What makes it hard is the 8 second count on the way up from the bottom. You are counting a 8 second count as you lower the weight down to the bottom and then in control pressing the weight up for 8 seconds.

B ) Negatives-Flat barbell bench press- 6-8 reps with a 8 second negative

Do 3 sets with a 90 second rest between sets.

** Lower the weight for 8 seconds on the way down and then have your spotter lift the weight on the way up for you.

C) Speed- Flat dumbbell chest press-12 reps as fast as you can

Do 3 sets with 1 minute rest between sets. Do not drop the weight

** Focus here is speed and not how much weight you can lift. Explode on the way up with the weight and lower it quickly. Remember we want speed, but controled speed. Use a proper weight to get the fastest reps possible.


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