Monday, August 16, 2010

Sumo style deadlift

Deadlifts are boring you out then try the sumo deadlift. Sumo deadlifts are especially beneficial to those who have had back problems since it places less overall force on the spine. Sumo squat also places extra stress on the inner thighs ( the adductors ) and will enhance development in that area.

How to-

  • Position yourself with your feet under the bar with a very wide stance and your toes pointed outward. Squat down and grab the bar between your legs. Lift the bar by extending your hips and knees to full extension. Still focus on pushing into your heels on the way up.

** Remember that many of you will lack strength and development in the adductors ( inner thigh ) and therefore this will be a new challenge for you so start a little lighter than your normal deadlift weight until you get a feel for the exercise.

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