Monday, August 30, 2010

Control it!- Tips for managing those food cravings

Lets face it we all have food cravings at some point in our day or week no matter who we are. Your sitting at work or running errands and it hits you like a freight train.....mmmmm those chips, cookies, or those french fries and it is hard to fight and control. Believe it or not women tend to have more cravings due to their flux of hormonal changes throughout the day.

Here are some reasons people have cravings:

  • Stress

  • Emotional triggers

  • Low blood sugar

  • Hormonal changes etc

The way to beat the cravings is to accept them and not give in every time. Below are some ways that you can help you fight the crave.

1) Eat on a consistent basis- If you eat more often you will control your blood sugar and appetite. Some good choices are:

  • Jerky

  • Fruit

  • Protein bar/shake

  • Yogurt ( Greek style is best )

2 ) Drink water- It will fill you up and kill cravings

3) Try putting it off- When the craving hits try to wait it out and have it at a later time. Maybe give yourself a goal then if you hit the goal you will treat yourself and then give in. By waiting you might also kick the craving all together which is even better!

4) Moderation- If you do treat yourself then make sure it is in moderation. Go ahead and have the slice of pizza but don't have 5 slices. A great tip is to take whatever you are eating and put it in a small bowl, cup or plastic bag while you are eating. This technique will help you eat in control and let you eat some crackers instead of the whole box.

5) Find better versions- If you crave chocolate then try to eat dark chocolate. If you want crackers and dip make it whole grain crackers and a good dip like hummus. Swap ice cream for frozen yogurt.

6) Log your food- This way you can see if there is certain time or reason that you tend to crave something and you can find a way to change this.

7) Be strong! Fight it with mental toughness. Think of the hard work you put in the gym and realize that you will be throwing that all away with that one craving. Don't let the craving control be the one in control!

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