Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gym Etiquette 101- Pay attention!

I have been noticing some people at the gym lately who just don't have a clue when it comes to proper gym etiquette, so I decided to blog about it!

#1) Music- lift away to your music I dont care, just dont have it so loud that the whole gym has to hear it as well.

#2) Sweat- You will sweat when you workout but please have the courtesy to wipe off your equipment when your done. There is nothing worse than getting ready to lie down on a bench and see a big puddle of sweat.....horrible!

#3) Clothing-Dont be the one wearing flip will just look lost and dumb. No jeans, no dress shoes, and definetly no shortie shorts guys unless our a female.

#4) Phones- If you are really waiting for an important call or text then keep your phone on the side but dont sit on equipment and blab away........focus on your workout and not your phone!

#5) Awareness- Pay attention to your surroundings in the gym! Dont walk in front of people trying to watch their form in the mirror, dont bump into anyone, just keep your head up and watch where you are walking. If I am trying to do walking lunges dont stand right in front of me like you dont care either. People need space!

#6) Equipment stealers- If someone is on something always ask if you can jump in first, dont just move someones dumbbells or towel and make yourself at home without checking who is using it.

#7) Spotting- It is ok to ask for a spot but just make sure you return the favor if needed

#8) Talkers- Dont talk to someone trying to workout........wait to they are done with their set. Most people like to focus and take their workouts seriously..... and in no way is your annoying chatter going to help the cause.

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