Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ladies....5 reasons why you WONT BULK UP

This is a post for all the women out there. I cant stand when I hear some woman tell me she doesn't like to do weights because she gets big easily. If you can pack on muscle and get big that easy then please contact me asap because I want to know your secrets. Lets face you are not going to bulk up and here is why.

1. Women don't have the testosterone levels men have-depending on what you read some say women have only 10-20% of a mans testosterone level. Due to the higher levels men are more likely to be able to put on muscle mass and at a more rapid pace.

2. You wont get bulky but in fact get more toned-
Since the testosterone levels are not present to give women big muscles you will simply get more of a lean muscular look. Toning comes from stripping the fat away from the muscle and therefore enhancing its appearance. Celebrity women have toned muscles because they lift weights and eat right.

3. Getting big takes years and years of training for men let alone women- You will not get huge from starting to weight train overnight. Even if you lift weights for several years you wont achieve what your gender counter parts can achieve.

4. Bulking up is calorie dependant- Often times women associate getting bulky from starting to lift weights but this is generally caused from a poor diet and them gaining fat. A low calorie healthy nutrition plan plus weight training will produce a lean individual.

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