Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick hitter for the legs

I read this workout from a guy named Bedros Keuilian. What is great about this routine is that it is super quick and can be done if your in a rush. Start by warming up on the leg press with a light weight. Now get into the workout by using a weight that you could press for 10 reps. Once you get 10 reps in have a partner ( or do it yourself ) strip a plate off each side and then rep out as many as you can. Keep following this format until you get to 100 reps. Once done with the 100 reps immediately perform 25 reps of stiff leg deadlifts with a pair of dumbbells. Thats it it!


  1. I find the blog great, and really love the posts like this tat provide a change in the regular routine to mix it up. I've incorporated several of your workouts into my overall workout schedule and have never felt or looked better. Thanks very much!

  2. Thanks for reading! I set out to help people get better workouts so I am glad it is helping you dominate! Pass the word.