Monday, March 7, 2011

Pack on muscle with this chest routine

This workout is best done with a partner. You would do one set, then your partner would do their set before moving right into the next exercise. If you are training alone then take about 30 seconds between exercises. This routine is intense

Flat barbell bench press ( 1/2 method )-6 reps with heavy weight
***This is when you rack the weight and drop the bar to the chest, then press it halfway up, then let it drop to the chest before finishing by pressing all the way up. This would be one rep.


Flat dumbbell chest press-10 reps


Explosive pushups-12 reps
** If you cannot finish these then move onto a bench to do the pushups or if you must drop to your knees.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat this 2 more rounds.


  1. I thought this would be reasonabley tough but manageable...I was wrong. It kicked my ass and I could only finish 2 sets. Next time will strive for 3.

  2. AWESOME workout. This site is amazing. Great advice & wisdom. Thank you!