Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick hitting tips.....

  • Eat a pear for fiber-5 to 6 grams per large pear

  • If you want to gain muscle mass-Eat 50% more calories on one of your off days from working out. Eat everything and anything just stay away from trans fats and sugars. To figure out how many calories you would need simply multiple your body weight by 16 then multiply that by 1.5.

  • Change up your workout volume -If you always do low volume ( meaning not many sets and reps ) then switch your workouts to high volume ( numerous sets and reps ) to get new results!

  • Focus more on your backside! Most people are strong and developed in their chest, shoulders and quads but are super weak and underdeveloped in their back, hamstrings and glutes. Put more emphasis on the backside of your body and improve your posture, back health and your look!

  • If your body fat is not dropping it is most likely due to - 1) You don't workout hard enough 2) You eat too much/or not at the right time 3) Your not consistent

  • If you didn't give up anything for Lent- Give up making excuses!

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