Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4 Pre-workout nutrition tips to get you lean!

1) EAT PROTEIN + CARBS WITH A LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX- Focus on doing this about an hour before exercise to ensure the best benefits.The low glycemic carbs will create a slower and gradual blood sugar increase that will give you enough energy while allowing your body to burn more fat stores. These foods will reduce muscle glycogen levels and increase the amount of fat available to burn.

Examples of foods with low glycemic index-
* Most veggies ( greens mostly focus )
* Beans or any legume
* Rye or spelt wheat bread

2) AVOID FRUTOSE-Is found in fruit and most processed foods all over the place. Frutose will not only limit you from using fat but will also make your cells more insulin resistant.

3) AVOID MILK- The proteins in milk will cause increased insulin levels

4) DRINK GREEN TEA- Real green tea that is, not the sugar loaded version. The antioxidants combined with the caffeine in the tea can increase fat burning potential up to 15%!

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