Thursday, September 13, 2012

8 Things I've learned about training women

1) THEY TEND TO WORK HARDER THAN MEN-It hurts me to say this guys,but most of the women I train get more intense and bring it more consistent than the male clients I have.

2) NOBODY IS MORE MOTIVATED THAN A BRIDE TO BE-I have trained countless brides and let me tell you that they are hands down the most motivated out of anyone. I think its the thought of being in a white dress on the most important day of your life that seems to bring the best in women and keep them focused.

3) THEY LOVE WORKING THE BUTT AND LEGS-Well duh!!! I mean this is kind of obvious, but women just love any exercises that will make their butt better and legs slimmer.

4) THEY LOVE DOING LATERAL BAND WALKS- Band walks just give you an instant burn in your glute medius ( hip area ) that women just love. It is sort of instant gratification that I think they really like and makes them feel as though their hips are shrinking in real time ( when really they aren't since you cant spot reduce ).

5) THEY WILL REFER LIKE CRAZY FOR YOU-Once a woman trusts you as a trainer and knows you will back up your claims and get her results then she will tell everyone of her friends and bring you a bunch of new business.

6) THEY WILL ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST ONE " FREAKOUT"- No matter the personality of the woman at some point she will have that moment with you as a client. It can be anything from being too anxious to not being happy with were she is at with her body. Most of the time this moment turns out to be a positive thing and helps them re-focus on their goals.


" I'm still too fat"
" Do you think I look too bulky "
" I'm bloated and my stomach looks fat, ehhh I'm so fat"
" I feel like I don't look much different"- After training for only a week
" I wish I could look like that skinny girl, I hate her"

8) THEY ACTUALLY DO LIKE TO LIFT WEIGHTS ( WELL EVENTUALLY)- Once women get past the initial I don't want to get bulky by lifting mindset they start to enjoy their time throwing around some iron. When you see everything firming up and getting that tight feeling women realize that the weights are responsible.

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  1. I knew that first one was coming. Same with my clients. Women WAYYYYY tougher than men.