Friday, September 7, 2012

Improving your deadlift

1) Deadlift more often-usually when you want to get better at anything the answer is to do it more frequently. Deadlifting more often is especially important to those beginner and intermediate lifters who are trying to get down the lift. The stronger you are at the deadlift the less you need to train a week. For most of you out there you will want to deadlift 2x a week if your goal is to improve the lift. Look to do your hardest deadlift day early in the week.

2) Technique! By getting better technique not only will you lift more but you will be safer as well. Below are two Videos that show and teach proper form.

3) Build up your back-You will not be able to have a big deadlift without a stud back. Your back is important for stabilization during the lift. Make sure the following exercises are in your program often.

A) Pull-ups
B) T-Bar rows
C) One arm rows
D) Prone rows with chest on an incline bench

4) Fix your weak areas- You must be strong at all points in the lift to have an overall strong pull.

Issue A- Problems coming off the floor

**You need to focus on the hamstrings and start doing more deficit deadlifts, glute-ham raises, etc

Issue B-Problems in the mid range of the lift

**You need to focus on your mid back and low back. Any back exercises listed in # 3 works as well as low rack pulls and back extensions.

Issue C- Problems locking out at the top

** You need to work the glutes more. More glute thrusters and glute bridges will do the job

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