Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hank Does Pilates

So I have been taking Pilates now for about 6 sessions and I gotta tell you its amazing. Deidra is my instructor and she is great with her cues and patience. Let me give you the things I really love about it

1) The core work-I feel like doing Pilates just gives your core a way different workout than doing exercises out on the weight room floor. The real challenge comes with avoiding just trying to use your brute strength and muscle up each exercise or to cheat. The transverse abdominals which often get neglected in most training programs get worked and worked often in Pilates which is a plus. Overall I love the way my core feels after each session.

2) It is hard-Every session I work to get through and each move challenges me. My flexibility is just not good and therefore It makes most moves tougher for me. I will say you dont feel as tired or worn out as you do after an intense strength training workout but it still is tough work.

3) Flexibility work- I will admit that I hate stretching and it is horribly painful but I need it and doing Pilates forces me to stretch which is a good thing.

Closing words......

If you have never tried Pilates than I highly recommend testing it out and see what you think. Don't buy into what some celebs say and think that you can do just Pilates and you will have a rocking body, that wont happen! If you do Pilates with strength training and interval cardio work than you will achieve a balanced training program and one which you can benefit! Pilates will not make your muscles longer, you cant change your muscle length, but you will get a stronger core and better flexibility.

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  1. Good job working on your flexibility now! Believe me, you will appreciate the time and care you put into it now when you get a bit older. As my body ages I appreciate flexibility training more and more!