Thursday, September 20, 2012

8 Things....

1) Farmers walks are one of the best exercises you can add to your program-This is the exercise most people relate to The World's Strongest Man episodes on ESPN they used to watch in which guys would carry massive weights in their hands as they walked. Farmers walks are great for your traps, grip, shoulder health and core stability. Some people refer to them as a "standing plank".

2) Keep rest periods brief is overall body composition is the goal- To get as lean as possible and drop body fat you need to keep moving through your workout and have short rests.

3)  Society sits way too much! Most people sit at a desk all day and everyday and therefore end up with tight hips and no glutes. When people cant fire their glutes and have tight hips low back problems will most likely follow. Make it a point to work on hip mobility in the gym to help. If you do need to sit then don't sit too still for long, aim to move around and change positions.

4) Start doing some single leg work-Keep your traditional squats and deadlifts if you want but start doing some unilateral work that will ease of load off the spine. Single leg exercises will help with balance, injury prevention and help you build those stabilizer muscles. Split squats and single leg deadlifts work great.

5) You need to foam roll and work on your tissue quality-I will be the first to tell you it took me a while to get on the bandwagon but since I have started to I notice a big difference in my body and how my muscles feel. Make foam rolling a priority and do it before your warm-up. Foam rollers are cheap and you can get one for under $25 for home use. Also treat yourself and schedule a massage every now and then.

6) Stop being a machine hopper- You know that person that goes from one machine to the next in the gym no matter what the exercise the person mindlessly walks around thinking they are working hard. Machines for the most part are worthless. Every so often I like to use them in a routine but they shouldn't be the brunt of your program. Start using more free weights for a bigger range of motion and better results. If you are super new into the whole workout thing, then go ahead and use machines but even then sparingly.

7) Dont worry about your strength training and cardio until you start taking your eating more seriously-I dont care how amazing your workouts are, they are nothing without proper nutrition. It is simple, either focus on dominating both or dont waste your time. Like they say " you cant out train a bad diet".

8) We all need more horizontal pulling- This means any variation of the row. You need to counterbalance your whole day of bad posture and slumped shoulders.

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