Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big back Wednesday workout

This workout is about volume. Bring it!

A)Cable pulley machine seated row- 4 sets of 10, F, F

Rest 2 minutes between sets.

** This is a double drop set. So do set #1 for 10 reps. Immediately drop the weight by 10-15lbs and do another set to failure. Finally, end by dropping the weight again by 10-15lbs and doing reps to failure. This equals 1 set.

B)Lat Pulldown ( wide grip)- 5 sets of 10

Rest 1 minute between sets

** Pause at the bottom of the movement for 2 seconds on each rep.

C) Decline straight bar pull downs- 5 sets of 10

Rest 1 minute between sets

** Set up a cable pulley at just below hip height. Place a decline bench in front of the cable pulley so your head is closest to the bar. Keeping your arms extended and locked out, pull the bar towards the thighs. Focus on your lats and keep the arms locked and straight!

Go Dominate.

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