Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mass building routine for big arms!-Chin-up ladders

Read this workout on and loved it. Try it out!

** This routine uses breaths as the rest interval

Do 8 reps, take 8 breaths rest ( So rest only the amount of time it takes to take 8 slow breaths)

Do 7 reps, take 7 breaths

Do 6 reps, take 6 breaths

Do 5 reps, take 5 breaths

Do 4 reps, take 4 breaths

Do 3 reps, take 3 breaths

Do 2 reps, take 2 breaths

Do 1 rep, take 1 breath

Do 2 reps, take 2 breaths

Do 3 reps, take 3 breaths

and so on.........

Your end goal should be to start at 8 reps, go down to 1 rep and then back up to 8 reps. First time trying this just see how far you can get.

** If you need more resistance than use a dip weighted belt. If you cannot complete this because you are not strong enough then try starting at a lower number like 5 or 6 and going down.

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