Monday, November 22, 2010

One of the most brutal chest routines yet!

I recently used this routine for my chest workout last week and let me tell you it hurt like hell! I have done my fair share of crazy hardcore chest routines but this has to rank top 2 if not number 1. This routine takes your chest through many different techniques. I highly advise you have a spotter for this a matter of fact you must have a spotter for this routine end of story. It is very important you pick the proper weight for each set in order for this like any routine to be effective. You can make adjustments to the weight after each round if needed.

This routine is a tri-set in which you will not take a rest until finishing all 3 exercises

A1)Dumbbell chest press negatives-6 reps with a 8 second negative
** Count a slow 8 seconds and when you get to the bottom your spotter can help you push the weight back up. Remember when doing negatives you can generally handle more weight so make sure you pick something challenging.
A2) Dumbbell chest press-10 reps with a regular tempo
** I would recommend using anywhere from 20-30lbs less than you did on the negatives
A3) Dumbbell speed chest presses-10 reps with a 3 second negative on the way down and then exploding up as fast as possible.
**Speed is key here! Be Powerful and explosive! Use light weights....anywhere from 35-17.5lbs depending on your strength.

Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat this 2 more times. Your chest will feel ripped to shreds the next day trust me!
Below is the weights I used-
A2) 80lbs-70lbs
A3) 35lbs-20lbs


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