Tuesday, January 19, 2010

H4 fat burner # 8- Timed matrix

I know some of you wanted workouts that could be done with minimal equipment and space so here you go. This is purely bodyweight and its not restricted by the amount of space you have. The only equipment you will need is a bar set up in a squat rack or a bar on the Smith machine.

You will begin by doing 6 pushups each with a 10 second negative count. This means that on the descend towards the floor you will count slowly to 10 before exploding back to the top. After you complete the 6 reps you will continue and do as many regular pushups as you can for 30 seconds. Moving on from there, you will get up and do 30 seconds worth of bodyweight squats with your arms crossed against your chest. To finish just drop yourself in the bottom position of the squat and hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat starting back with the pushups and go through the whole routine 1-2 more times in a row before taking a break.

Pushups- 6 reps for 10 second negative
Pushups- as many in 30 seconds
Squats-as many in 30 seconds
Squat hold-30 seconds

Repeat without rest 1-2 more times.

Once you rest for about 2-3 minutes move on to this next matrix. Now you will start with inverted rows for 30 seconds. To perform an inverted row lie faceup under a bar with a wide grip. From here pull yourself up so your chest hits the bar. Our focus here is the lats along with some minimal bicep work. For those of you who are strong you can keep your legs straight out while doing these, if you are not as strong then keep your legs bent. Now move onto 30 seconds of arm reach crunches. To perform just lie on your back with your legs toward the ceiling and arms extended behind your head touching the floor. From here crunch up reaching your stretched arms to your toes without moving your legs. Make sure to let your hands hit the floor behind you on every rep. Next do 30 seconds of alternating front lunges and then 30 seconds of hill climbers. Repeat this starting with the inverted row and going through the whole matrix 1-2 more times without rest.

Inverted row- as many in 30 seconds
Arm reach crunches-as many in 30 seconds
Alternating front lunges-as many in 30 seconds
Hill climbers-as many in 30 seconds

Repeat without rest 1-2 more times

*** Note if you cannot complete full pushups then do incline pushups on a bar or if you must on your knees.

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