Friday, January 29, 2010

Negative/partials duo- Chest

I came up with this routine a couple of weeks ago and think you will love it. You will be using two very powerful techniques to stimulate muscle growth, partial reps and negatives. The partials will hit more motor units which equals growth and the negatives cause major tissue damage and will lead to growth. Most studies have shown that the negative rep produces great gains.

To do this you will just need two sets of dumbbells. Using a training partner for this is a must or just grabbing someone in the gym can work too. Begin by doing a chest press with the dumbbells for 6 reps, each rep doing a 6 second negative. Have your training partner count to 6 one thousand. Remember the negative is the downward motion. At the bottom pause for one extra second and then have your partner help you lift the weight on the way up. After you complete 6 reps drop the weight and grab dumbbells that are 50-60% lighter than the ones you just used. You will now complete 15 partial reps. Read my post from a couple of days ago on partials to learn the proper form.

Dumbbell chest press- 6 reps each with 6 second negative


Dumbbell partial chest press-15 reps

Rest 90 seconds - 2 minutes. The next round you will do 6 reps for a 7 second negative. The third round you will do 6 reps for a 8 second negative.

Go dominate!

Check back for the negative/partials duo series for back and biceps

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