Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Essential exercises for putting on mass

It is true that things are not all created equally. In terms of exercise selection some are truly better than others when it comes to packing on the muscle. Below are a list by muscle group of the best bang for your buck exercises in my opinion to build some serious mass. The exercises are not exclusive, other exercises that are not listed still should be done as well.

Chest- Dumbbell press. Dumbbells give you better range of motion which equals more muscles activated.

Back-Lat pull down for width, row for thickness.

Biceps-barbell curl. Load up the bar and watch those arms grow.

Triceps-Close grip press. Make sure the arms stay tight to the body the whole way through the press. This exercise loads the triceps allowing you to hit all 3 heads.

Legs-Deadlift. Increase the back side of your physique and increase your GH and testosterone levels. Enough said.

Shoulders- Arnold press. Shoulders like the great

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