Tuesday, December 22, 2009

H4 Fat burner-#5 ( Chest and Back )

Time can be a valuable thing when programming your workouts. Often times we change reps, sets or the load but rarely time. Here is a good routine to help you lean up and cut up. Use this as part of another workout or use the other combinations I will post down the road. This routine combines chest and backs super sets which allows each muscle group to rest while you keep an intense pace. Do not use weight that is too heavy else you will fail to quickly. Weight is not the focus but rather volume. Your goal on each exercise is to do the most reps you can while keeping quality form. Move quick and don't let up!

***30 seconds as many reps as you can for all the exercises. Do not take any rest at all until completely finishing all 3-4 rounds. If you are still a beginner I would take a slight rest between rounds like 45 seconds or so.

Dumbbell chest press-30sec
Dumbbell row- ( both arms at the same time while bent over ) 30 sec
Lawn mower dumbbell row- ( stand straight, take a side step with your right leg and bend it. Keep your left leg straight. Take the dumbbell and reach it down to your right foot and then row tight to your body like you were starting a lawn mower) 3o sec each side
Do 3-4 rounds without rest.


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