Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New year, New you!

Pop the champagne......It is almost January 1st and you know what means. Every gym across America will be filled with those know the people who all of a sudden get the rush to workout and change their life. I mean hey that is great and I am all for people bringing fitness into their lives, but if you are going to start please keep with it. The difference between those who get results and those who don't is CONSISTENCY. You are not going to get big, trim down, improve strength by working out January through March. If you commit in January, commit for life. I think the biggest reason people fall off their resolutions is because they either don't achieve success or simply lack motivation as time goes on. The pitfall for lack of success is improper program design.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what are your goals. Do you plan to lose weight, add muscle, add strength, or all of the above? Below are sample splits you can use for the different goals I mentioned. Remember these are not the only way to go about things, just a simple suggestion for those who need it.

Weight Loss- Your objective is simple, burn calories and burn some more calories. What you want is the best bang for your buck, you want to take advantage of your gym time. You do not need to split up your training into chest days, back and bicep days or anything like that. Full body workouts that involve everything from head to toe will give you the best calorie burn on each of your workouts.

Split #1-My favorite
MONDAY-Full body Resistance workout ( anywhere from 40-50 minutes is plenty )
TUESDAY-Cardio day ( no longer than 45 minutes )
WEDNESDAY-Full body Resistance workout
FRIDAY-Full body Resistance workout

Split #2
MONDAY-Upper body
TUESDAY-Lower body
THURSDAY-Upper body
FRIDAY-Lower body

*** Make sure to take into account your fitness level. If you haven't worked out in a long time or never at all you would want to start off with just two days of Resistance training and maybe 1-2 days of cardio and two off days.

Add Muscle- Your main objective is to workout hard and eat! This is when a body part split is best used. Most of you who are trying to bulk up want that muscle mag look. You want your arms to be popping, huge pecs, and a monster of a back. Make sure to look at yourself and find out your weak areas and then make sure you hit those spots more than other body parts. For instance, most guys are anterior dominant, meaning big and strong pecs and shoulders. The problem is that we work our chest all the time and our back not nearly as much therefore creating an imbalance. If this is you, which 90 % of you fall into this category, then you want to do chest just one time a week compared to back two times. I am not a huge fan of direct shoulder work due to the amount of work your delts get from chest work, however if you lack shoulder width or size try and work them directly one or two times week on your chest days.

Split #1-Need back help
MONDAY-Back and biceps
WEDNESDAY-Chest and triceps
THURSDAY-Back and biceps

*** this split could be switched by doing triceps on the back days and doing biceps just one time with chest.

Split #2- Need help with arm growth
MONDAY-Arms and back
WEDNESDAY-Arms and chest
FRIDAY-Arms and back

Split # 3-Need a bigger chest
MONDAY-Chest and triceps
TUESDAY-Back and biceps
THURSDAY-Chest and triceps
FRIDAY-Back and biceps
SATURDAY-Legs & direct shoulder work

*** You can also do biceps with chest and triceps with back to change this routine up

Add Strength-Weight is critical for you, so push alot of it. Added recovery time might be needed do to the fact that you are using heavy weight. You want to focus on large muscle groups and you can spend less time on things like arms. Of course arm strength is important but you will get some indirect work from your pushes and pulls.

MONDAY-Chest and back
THURSDAY-Chest and back

Hope this helps you with your initial game plan.

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