Wednesday, November 11, 2009

1/2 your chest into growth

If your like the rest of the world you mostly do the same bench press routine every time you are at the gym. This is a great technique to blast your chest into new growth! You see the bottom portion of the bench press is when your chest in most activated as you get closer to the lockout position your triceps start to take over. To get a big chest you need to hit the chest and this will hit the bottom portion of the movement extra hard. To execute, begin by taking the bar off the rack and let the bar go all the way down to your chest, from here push the bar half way up and then let it all the way back down to the bottom and then finish the moment by pushing the bar all the way up to the top until your arms are fully extended. This whole sequence is just 1 rep. I would suggest using lighter weight than you would for your normal bench press.

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