Monday, November 16, 2009

H4 Fat Burner #2

This routine is pretty tough, I would not suggest this for beginners. Make sure the weight is not too heavy on the row else you will die out fast. You will start with 10 pushups then 10 rows and then 1 jackknife ( burpee ). Every round after the first, the pushups will go down from 10,9,8,7....etc all the way to 1 on the last set. The rows will always be 10 reps and the burpee's will go up from 1,2,3,4....etc to 10. Here is the workout:

Pushups- start at 10 reps finish at 1
Row- 10 reps
Jackknife ( burpee )- start at 1 rep end at 10

No rest at all, go through the whole tri-set and then keep repeating.

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