Monday, November 23, 2009

Chocolate milk to the rescue!

After a hard workout most of us reach for a protein shake or sports drink to refuel our bodies. Has the idea of chocolate milk ever crossed your mind? Studies like the one from the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism have shown that the chocolate drink could be better for you. Chocolate milk has calcium, vitamin D and an optimal ratio of carbs to protein. Even better is the milk contains both casein proteins( which digest slow) and whey proteins ( which digest fast ) to give the body the best of both worlds. The best bet is to buy low fat and low sugar brands.


  1. Agreed - I'm a post workout chocolate milk drinker from way back. I stick with organic milk because there's way too much hormones (esp estrogen) in regular dairy products - sometimes hard to find the chocolate organic milk though

  2. So basically instead of drinking whey and eating two handfuls of raisins (what I've been doing for years now) as my PWM, I can drink chocolate milk.
    But I have some Qs.
    What about creatine, can I mix it in the choc milk? Or should I start taking it the old fashioned way, before my workout if I swtich to choc milk?
    Lastly, how much of milk should be consumed, 11 or 16 oz?

    Thanx! :)

  3. I would use chocolate milk as a fill in or if you wanted to change it up for a week or so but whey is still king! I would go for a tall glass worth of milk if you do drink it! Not sure if creative would mix well.